About Renaissance

Social Justice, Sciences, and Arts

Social Justice:  At Renaissance there is an emphasis put on building strong and conscientious citizens. Topics related to human rights and equality are incorporated into core classroom instruction and through additional projects.   Students also develop skills (writing, speaking,and critical thinking) to address and to overcome the challenges facing their generation.  Renaissance is proudly educating a generation of leaders who will not only be successful in their careers but who will also make the world a better place.  


Sciences: At Renaissance, we emphasize teaching and learning the sciences.  It is through the social sciences (ancient and medieval world history and U.S.history) that students exercise and strengthen their writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.  And it is through the experimental and applied sciences (earth science, life science, and physical science), that students discover how the world works by engaging in labs that build observation, experimentation, research, and critical thinking skills. 


Arts: At Renaissance we recognize that a creative energy and talent resides within every individual.  At Renaissance, all students take a visual art class and develop artistic skills.  In addition, all students have an option to play an instrument in the school band.  These skills allow students to express truths and feelings through their artwork which are impossible to share through words.