Technology Support

Students and parents are invited to visit this resource for tech support.  Here you will find videos that will help you navigate common technology problems.  Students can also complete a "Help Ticket".

Renaissance is a Verizon Innovative Learning School (VILs)

Students and parents are invited to visit the Renaissance VILs website for important information related to student issued iPads.  

The mission of Renaissance Academy is to build up our students hearts and minds with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed to achieve success in high school, college and in life, and to change their communities for the better. As a small school of choice, we have been well-positioned to carry out this mission by establishing high expectations for our students, engaging in continuous academic monitoring, providing targeted supports, and by working to build and maintain a positive environment where students feel safe, cared for, and valued.  

This school year, our equity-centered mission will be furthered through a partnership with Digital Promise and Verizon. Verizon will provide every Renaissance student with an iPad and a data plan.  Digital Promise will provide Renaissance teachers with professional development so teachers are well positioned to leverage the iPad as an effective teaching tool. Students will carry their iPad to each of their classes and to and from home.  This means Renaissance students will be able to access academic content beyond the walls of their classrooms. Having access to a state-of-the-art tablet with reliable internet access eliminates a resource gap that previously served as an obstacle for a number of students.

Students will receive their iPads in October 2019.  This resource will reshape teaching and learning in our community. Yet, we will remain rooted in our original mission of developing students’ hearts and minds to make our community and the world a better place.


Home Access Center (HAC)

Visit HAC to view student assignment and course grades.